About Jastro


Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology
(Public Corporation "Koueki Shadan Hojin Nihon Houshasenn Shuyou Gakkai " in Japanese) [JASTRO]

Address Office

TOKI bidg 5F,1-4-14,
Kyobashi, chuo-ku,Tokyo,JAPAN #104-0031
Tel +81-3-3527-9971 Fax +81-3-3527-9973


February 11, 1988


Naoyuki Shigematsu M.D.

Number of members

4,000 individuals
(Updated to August 2018) 
1) Regular members: 2115 individuals
2) Associate members:1800 individuals
3) Honorary Member:38 individuals
4) Supporting members:33 Organizations

Registered organization

The Japanese Association of Medical Sciences (JAMS), Science Council of Japan(SCJ)

Purpose of JASTRO

Our mission is to contribute to the development of academic and scientific technology, by engaging in collaboration and promotion of radiation oncology and any related research.

Tasks of JASTRO

(1) Holding academic societies meetings with the goal of supporting the study of arts and sciences
(2) The publications of academic magazines
(3) Hold educational activities to spread the awareness for radiation treatment for cancer.
(4) To contribute to the business regarding the standardization of radiation treatment for cancer.
(5) Other business deemed necessary to achieve the goals of our organization.