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Current climate of radiation treatment, according to data

Patients number situation of radiation treatment and future predictions

Radiation therapy, along with surgery and chemotherapy are the 3 key institutional approaches for cancer treatment. Radiation therapy cancer treatment plays an important role in the multidisciplinary treatment, reduces strain on the body with high curability. Contribute as palliative treatment to relieve symptoms, while sapping the radical cure patient. In the United States, cancer radiation treatment is applied to two-thirds of the patients reported *1.
On the other hand, in Japan, only 25 percent of new patients applied for *2.
This low Japanese rate is recognized as a structural problem of treatment; therefore, it became the country's priority promotion of radiation treatment covered in the basic insurance plan. The large difference on applicable rate between Japan and USA is actually a potential for an upcoming development.

※1 Structure of Research year 2012
※2 New Radio Therapy Patients Regional Cancer Registration

Number of patients applied radiation therapy in Japan continues to grow in the past 20 years. The precision of treatment advances improves treatment results, and side effects mitigation has been achieved. In clinical practice guidelines for domestic and overseas, radiation therapy is recommended as a standard treatment for many cancers. In the Ageing societies of the future, patients accounted for gentle body Radiology treatment is expected to increase further.

Structure comparison between USA and Japan on Radiation therapy

Considering the rapid increase of Cancer patients and the Increasing rate of radiation therapy, we need much more radiation oncologists. It must be the urgent priority.
State and local laws encourage to increase radiation oncologists and medical physicists. National policy will help you to focus on this need. Like you I entered the radiation oncologist as young doctors, will be overflowing with vibrant and rewarding workplace. Also, medical physicists of the therapy device will be advanced rapidly, and computer specialists are welcomed in addition to future radiation oncologists.

Treatment ratio by parts

Radiotherapy treats cancer of any kind. The Figures below the percentage of different parts of radiotherapy patients nationwide in 2012 by a regular survey of the Association. Due to the Westernization of lifestyle, breast cancer and prostate cancer diseases is increasing. There are indeed opportunities to radiation oncologists in demand. It has also increased the role of radiation treatment for lung cancer. Advances in radiation oncology specialization in each disease in the West (US and Europe), more specialist surgery, medicine, specific knowledge and skills are required. This means a greater significance as a specialist and the rewarding for everyone.